First post! (staring down a blank page)

I have been considering re-committing to blogging for about a year (I will date myself by saying I had an active Live Journal account from late 2004 until 2007) My internal debate when I considered starting up a new blog was balancing out my desire for privacy versus my desire to make my blog public and potentially make friends through the blogging community.

My decision has been to begin a public blog but to truly offer only a small snapshot of my life. I have a daughter who is, gulp, almost 6 months old and I look forward to documenting many of those small moments that we share together during my days as a stay-at-home mom because as I have discovered she changes so quickly, I want to be able to capture as much of her Julia-ness as I can as it evolves. My husband  LOATHES social media, so I will be more guarded in what I share publicly about him. I also have an almost 13 year old stepson and likewise will be careful to not divulge too much about his life.

In addition to writing about being a mommy, I hope to bring some laughs with some ‘throwback’ themed posts memorializing some of my very best fashion victim moments, sharing my attempts at crafting (I am not naturally crafty) and hopefully share some of the DIY projects my husband and I attempt (I have been not so subtly sending him build-your-own pergola videos).

At this point I am writing for myself first and foremost and not for an ‘audience’. That said, as much as I adore being a SAHM, it can be isolating at times so I would welcome making some online friends. If you happen to stumble upon my blog and would like to say ‘hello’ it would be welcome.


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