Helicoptering Tummy Time

Sometimes not doing is harder. Julia is, to use a cliche, a human sponge right now–taking in our world, learning and developing so much. But as her momma I am also learning and developing. One of the the things I am working on is to hang back more–let her explore at her own rate, let her discover, let her puzzle things out. I had assumed ahead of time that “of course that is the kind of mother I would be. But until you’re on that activity mat with a six month old struggling to put the final ring on her stacking toy, don’t judge šŸ˜‰ I see her trying so very hard, I see her mounting frustration and I find myself becoming gulp, a stage mother, it would be so easy, so comfortable to just do it for her, show her how it works. But I muster my patience and let her figure it out and I’m telling you, it is completely worth it because when that final plastic ring is on the spindle, Julia turns to me her whole face beaming with accomplishment and my inner core becomes molten…am so very proud.


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