We had a very nice weekend. On Saturday amongst other errands we set up a saving account for Julia–it was a small thing but it makes my heart happy to set up the structural aspects of her life.  My brother set up a college fund for her a few months ago into which we’ll all contribute and now she has a savings account to which I’ll also add money. I have so many wishes for our daughter but close to the very top would be that she feels safe and secure. Money in no way brings happiness but having those accounts set up for her will hopefully give her financial peace of mind when she is older.

Sunday we worked toward achieving a more profound peace for  her–we attended another baptism meeting before church with our assistant Pastor. Amongst many other things we discussed he noted how many babies Julia’s age are part of our church family and what a wonderful youth group they’ll comprise in the future. He began imagining the service projects that they’ll do–perhaps help build homes in Appalachia. My heart felt like it was going to burst–I love when others have dreams for Julia’s life 🙂  Oh, and speaking of heart bursting–as we were leaving church I noticed a display of art that the Sunday school class had made and at the very top was a picture of a doggie next to an angel with the name ‘Samson’ written in a child’s heartbreaking handwriting complete with a backwards ‘S’ and the picture was titled ‘Heaven’. Of course as I immediately hit my mental fast forward button to 5 years or so in the future and the possibility of Julia making a similar picture to process her grief over losing Izzie and I began to sob. But what a wonderful reminder that although money is without question important, the greatest gift we can possibly give Julia is a relationship with Jesus.


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