A Plague Upon Our House

Illness has hit my little family hard which accounts for my blog’s radio silence. On days when a shower or clean pair of pjs feel like a victory, the blog just isn’t going to happen.

I learned long ago that illnesses are only interesting to the sufferer so I won’t rehash the play-by-play other than it was a particularly nasty upper respiratory¬†bug that hit me first and than migrated to the rest of my family. Unfortunately that included baby Julia–her very first illness. Thankfully she seems to have contracted the lightest case–perhaps because at her 6 month check up she received a flu vaccine or maybe because she is still nursing so received helpful antibodies in my milk. But even her ‘lite’ version is breaking my heart–her poor little cough!

But the good news we have plenty of time to all recover before the baptisms next week. Both Julia and Robert will be baptized together which is so unbelievably special.

Oh and although in this solid week of feeling crummy I have accomplished the bare minimum as far as household tasks I DID manage to find a new guilty pleasure TV show to watch–Married At First Sight. Got completely caught up on the current season and have my DVR primed for next week’s episode. Brace yourself for a dedicated post to this show in the near future as I have lots of thoughts!

A book got read as well–Melanie Shankle’s “Nobody is Cuter than You”. I have lots to say about that one as well–it was a wonderful reminder of how blessed in friendship I have been. Expect a detailed blog post on that topic as well!

Lastly, am going to stock up on tissue today. No not for the last throes of our illness but rather because tonight is the 2 hour farewell to Dr Shepard on Grey’s Anatomy. (I may or may not have frightened my husband last Friday morning by announcing that ‘there has been a death’).


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