I am absolutely a proponent of capitalism. However, on some issues the market is clearly never going to work in my favor.

For example I live in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Out of state friends NEVER find deals on airfare to visit me. Because a Milwaukee trip is rarely a “want” versus a need, the ticket prices reflect that. Chances are if you’re Milwaukee bound it is due to an unavoidable business trip or family/dear friends reside there.

An example more relevant to my life right now is that I need a fancy white show for Julia to wear to her baptism next weekend. I don’t need something over the top–I am not going for “WOW”. I simply need something that will look appropriate with the white lace dress she’ll be wearing. I was thinking a basic white mary jane of some sort. Um, apparently children’s retailers fully understand that if you’re in the market for a white mary jane sized to fit a 7 month old, it is due to an “event” so they charge accordingly. My first stop was Zappos and I was horrified to see prices in the $60-70 range! Um, her DRESS was purchased on sale (and with an additional coupon) from Macy’s for $32–am not really interested in paying double that for the shoes especially for a child that does not walk! So I went on Payless’s site–now that is not a place I’d normally shop, I think the only time I’ve purchased shoes there was in the 90s for a pair of dyed to match bridesmaid shoes! But I thought they’d certainly have something to serve my purposes and at an affordable price–um doesn’t $20plus dollars seem steep for vinyl baby shoes from Payless!?! I have been to many other sites and have continued to be horrified. I can either just leave her shoeless in tights or ruffled socks or I do have a pair of white sandals that her Mimi gave her for Easter–they are pretty casual to wear with a lacy party dress but perhaps would look better than going shoeless. If we had any other “events” in the near future I’d buy the shoes for sure but this is the one summer where there aren’t any weddings or anniversary parties to attend. I would rather take the shoe money and buy my daughter cute (and comfortable) summer outfits. #firstworldproblems


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