Momfessional Moments

Today I am using a link up as much needed motivation to post. The topic is “Momfessionals”–those mom moments that you’re less than proud of.

My first momfessional is actually from pregnancy.  Pre-pregnancy I had all these ideas about that a perfect vessel I would be while carrying a child. I actually spent time fantasizing about the elaborate salads I would eat for my lunch that would provide maximum nutritive benefits for the growing baby.  Ha! I was so sick during my first trimester that I was just trying to eat anything that didn’t make me retch which meant I suddenly had a palate similar to a very picky toddler. Think buttered noodles washed down by chocolate milk! But I had not hit gastrointestinal rock bottom yet, nope that came the time I realized I was craving a Twinkie so had one for lunch.  So much for perfect vessel…

My next admission is that before Julia was born, I was guilty of being judge-y of parents and would inevitably think about how wildly different my mothering style would be. I would be warm and nuturing and endlessly patient and would be armed with only the most educational of toys and would have firmly established boundaries. Ha! I quickly learned that mommyhood does not always resemble the picture you have in your head. Boundaries and routines are of course very important and helpful but so is flexibilty and the ability to shrug off the the things that don’t truly matter.  Hence my daughter who hated both her bassinet and her crib ended up sleeping in a swing for the first 4 months of her life!

And yes I always hae plenty of enrichment ready educational toys on hand in the diaper bag. However, when we’re in a public situation especially one where fussiness would be disruptive, I am more apt to give her a found object as something new and different is more likely to appease than an already explored rattle. Which is how she ends up with a plastic spoon in hand during church!

Parenthood has been such a joy and such a blessing in more ways than i capture in this blog post. But one unexpected benefit is that it has relaxed me and my expectations. I am definitely less judgemental and am without question less of a perfectionist. And when you’re able to ‘let the little things go’ you’re able to focus on what is truly important, the massive love and rewards of being someone’s mommy.


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