4th of July Decorations

I have always enjoyed decorating for the holidays–it honors the passage of time and well who doesn’t like to make things a little more festive? Now that I have a daughter I am even more excited about creating special holiday memories.

A couple of days ago I decorated for 4th of July–I like to get the decorations out early so that we can enjoy them for a nice amount of time.  Eventually I would like to upgrade our decorations but we are decidedly on a budget so this year I was all about using what I had on hand. Challenges are fun!

One of my favorite memories from 4th of Julys growing up was decorating my bicycle in red/white/blue streamers and participating in the neighborhood parade–flags and icecream were distributed to the children participating. At the time I was of course all about the ice cream treat but am now pleased that we were given these great flags. My mom gave me the flags a couple of years ago and I typically put them out on the ‘day of’ in our front yard. Well, as we don’t spend much time in the front yard and I adore the vintage-y feel of the flags I decided to display them indoors this year. I have them in our living room draped over a Celtic tapestry–we’re Irish American! I also have them in our dining room as well.

My attempt at crafting was to take an inexpensive vase (my husband is thoughtful with giving me flowers so I have amassed a huge collection that have come with bouquets) and fill it with some fireworks we had left over from a previous 4th of July. I had some gold star stickers in my craft bin that I used to spruce up the vase. I then printed out the stanza from the Spar Spangled banner about the ‘Rockets red glare…” to affix to the front of the vase. It looks very DIY–no one will think it is part of Pier 1’s latest collection 😉 But I think it looks great on our mantel! (and the price was right)

Lastly I will be spending the next 3 weeks admonishing my husband to stop using our decorative kitchen towels! I didn’t bother taking any pictures but trust me they are properly patriotic as they’re a red/white/blue plaid with a sprinkling of stars.

I clearly need to iron!
I clearly need to iron!

photo 1


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