Happy he is home!

My husband had an out of town overnight trip, so I was home alone with the dog and baby Julia from early Monday morning until about 10 PM Tuesday night. I am so happy to have him home!!!! This morning I awoke to him handing me a big mug of coffee–love being pampered with bedside coffee service 🙂

But I truly didn’t mind his absence. There are many, many lessons I hope to teach my daughter but high on the list is being brave/facing difficult challenges/being self-reliant. Complaining about losing my extra set of hands in the evening would run counter to that message.  So yes I did indeed miss taking an extra long shower while knowing Miss Julia was having one-on-one daddy time and of course I missed time with my husband (especially since we’re on the cusp of finishing our Orange is the New Black binge!).  But self-esteem does not occur from doing easy, favorable things. It comes from doing the tough, less than ideal things–knowing that I can juggle the needs of an increasingly active and high maintenance 8 month old and take care of the dog AND get things done around the house well that is a confidence booster. I am thankful that isn’t my everyday life and hats off to all of the single moms out there as it is decidedly difficult to “do it all” solo!

In all honesty I had the good end of the bargain–time with my daughters (doggie and human) and time to finish the book Orphan Train (a great read!) and to make one of my favorite meals, vegetable soup. My poor husband had a long dull drive to Iowa and than a longer than expected work day and had to stay in a hotel without the comforts of home while missing his family. We are both thankful that out of town travel has become less frequent for him!


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