Thoughts on The Bachelorette

There are many bloggers far more adept than I that recap the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.  But after watching last night’s “Men Tell All” episode I had a couple of thoughts that I wanted to share.

1) All of the vitriol toward Kaitlyn and the choices she has made is vile and inexcusable.  Much more shameful to send a profanity laden tweet or email than it is to get physical with a date on national TV. I understand and empathize with Kaitlyn’s concern for her family–hearing all of the hate spewed toward their loved one must be difficult to bear.  However, wasn’t it also painful for them to watch her make out with almost every suitor? Or mid-season to “go all the way” with Nick!?! I guess this is one of the MANY reasons I would be ill suited for reality TV as I would be so concerned for my family that I would be completely staid and uninteresting.

2) Who the heck is this Corey ‘the investment banker’ with all of the opinions!?! For someone eliminated pretty early on in the process he certainly had a lot to say!

3) I understand the guys felt blindsided by Nick’s arrival but truly the show is about producing a compelling TV program that will lead to lots of viewers and hence lots of ad revenue. It has never been about being “fair”.  So to harp on it makes the guys seem like 5 year olds fighting over toys in a sandbox.  You’re on a reality TV show,  you’re in the wrong place if you require an equitable situation. Get over it 🙂 Also it is completely silly to obsess over Kaitlyn saying that she felt “her husband was in the room” before she allowed Nick to come onto the show is ridiculous. EVERY lead in the series of the franchise has uttered those words and at this point it has only proved true for  2 bachelors and 3 bachelorettes.  It was especially silly that the greatest outrage was vocalized by people who were eliminated so early in the process, honestly Nick’s arrival affected their standing not one iota.  Now someone like a Ben H. or even a Jared would have a stronger anti-Nick case.

Well, this is all I have got.  As this season of the Bachelorette with it’s 2 (or sometimes) 3 hour a week time commitment comes to a close I have a warm sense of accomplishment for having stuck it through–I imagine this is how people who run marathons feel upon completion. Or perhaps not 😉


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