Weekend Recap (where my age becomes glaringly obvious)

Sometimes the seemingly unmemorable weekends are the very best–lots of everyday sweet moments.  Of course that might make for a boring blog post–we’ll see!

Friday night Jeff and I had take out pizza from a local pizzeria that we love, Lalli’s.  We had a much needed dinner and a movie night–streamed The Doors movie on Netflix. We’d both already seen it (years ago) so it made for a good choice for our date night as we could chat while the movie was on–super casual and fun night. I did laugh because the first time I saw The Doors I was a senior in high school. A couple of my girlfriends and I decided we simply had to see it opening night (I would say we were Doors enthusiasts but that would be a lie, we had crushes on Val Kilmer). Unfortunately opening night was a 10 PM showing and the theater was about 45 minutes away from our houses. Shockingly our parents gave this outing the green light (on a school night!!!) As the film was 2 hours long we didn’t get home till around 1 AM (again on a school night!!!).  Fast forward to my Friday night date with my husband–we queued the movie up around 7 PM and I expressed concern it was too late in the evening to begin such a long movie (we like to go to bed early in the Foley household)!!! Yes, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to pull off 9 PM on a Friday night!

The middle age frolics continued into Saturday as Jeff and I got up early and hit up the new Meijer store in our town which had opened a couple days earlier. Meijer is a chain out of Michigan that has stores in the midwest–Like a Wal-Mart or Target they have housewares and groceries.  They have just arrived in the Wisconsin market and we’re excited to have the new option.  Anyway, a new grocery store is a pretty big event in the Foley household so we really had a time of it–we averaged about $100 an hour as we spent 2 hours there and spent $200. Glamorous purchases not worth photographing– the new laundry basket immediately springs to mind. The rest of Saturday was spent napping (9 PM bedtime catch up!) and watching movies. We have not had a purely lazy Saturday in like forever so it was lovely.

Sunday we missed church for the first time in ages which I felt badly about but it was replaced by a fun road trip. One of my closest friends (and former college roommate) Laurel and her mother picked Miss Julia and I up and we headed north to Oshkosh (mini-road trip as in actuality it is less than 90 minutes from my house, but with a 10 month old that feels far!).  In Oshkosh we met up with my parents and had lunch at the fox River Brewing Company–Julia behaved beautifully and enjoyed sampling from our plates. She tried pulled pork for the first time and like her mommy, loved it! Fresh spinach was less successful–when I cleaned up our area before leaving I discovered all of the spinach I had given her had been spit out onto the carpeting. After lunch, my dad went jogging with Julia as I’d brought her jogging stroller. Am not sure how I share DNA with my dad as after a big midday meal of pulled pork, the very last thing I want to do is go running, a nap would have been more my speed! Anyway, the ladies (minus Julia) headed to the Paine Art Center for a special exhibit of the dresses of Downton Abbey. The Paine is a gorgeous and historic building that was once a private residence/mansion so it was a lovely and perfect setting for the costumes that were beautifully displayed. It was fun picking our favorite outfits. As a sidenote, Michelle Dockery who plays Lady Mary on the show is teeny tiny. I knew she was very thin but her dresses were shockingly small.  Although Julia was not with us she was not forgotten as I picked up an adorable board book from the gift shop for her called “Mouseton Abbey”. After we said goodbye to my parents, we drove past our old college stomping grounds (had I mentioned UW-Oshkosh is our Alma Mater?)–although the campus has had dramatic renovations since we attended in the mid-90s, I am pleased to report that both places Laurel and I resided are EXACTLY the same–the tower dormitory still looks like Soviet architecture and the off campus house we lived in remains as dilapidated as it was when we were tenants!

Sunday night that new laundry basket was put to good use as we tackled the piles of laundry we had let accumulated to perilous heights. And am happy to report that it was completed in time for my 8:15 bedtime 😉


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