Posting 2 Days in a Row

Julia is clearly beginning to understand English. Jeff and I were talking conversationally yesterday and one of us said the word ‘clap’ and although we weren’t even looking at Julia nor using the cajoling intonations that we typically use when we are encouraging her, she began to clap her hands. It is such a gift to watch her develop, to see her soak life up like a little sponge and to enjoy her emerging personality. I am so thankful to be home with her as sometimes it is the smallest moments that end up meaning the most to me–I don’t want to miss a bit! Of course there are the moments where I am refereeing her and the dog ‘playing’ and I want to pull out my hair. Or the moments where Julia is pulling out my hair for me! Well, I need to cut this short as my little girl is asking (yelling) for me.


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