Hot in Herre.

Nothing like an outdated hiphop allusion to highlight that I am a forty something caucasian woman 😉

It was indeed ‘Hot in Herre’ as it was around 90 all weekend but felt truly worse as it was also extremely humid. Won’t complain too much as overall this summer has been fairly cool which is totally my preference. Cooler temps mean I can go for long walks with my baby and my dog and when I’m feeling super motivated can go running. At any rate we were probably overdue some miserable ‘summery’ weather.

So basically we cranked our AC and stayed inside all weekend. My weekend highlights:

  • Finishing Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee.  It was ‘OK’. Didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. My disappointment was definitely colored by too high expectations. If it had been authored by anyone else, I still wouldn’t have loved it but would probably have appreciated it more.
  • Clapping! This one is Miss Julia’s. She basically spent the weekend flashing us a sly smile and then proceeding to clap and then we would proceed to lavish the praise. She is all about the attention.
  • Eating way too much. Friday night was Thai food from our favorite take out place–green bean stir fry and red curry, yum! Saturday night we improvised Cajun grits (with some online consultation of an online Paula Deen recipe).
  • Household projects. Got lots done which is always the best feeling going into the week.
  • Church. Our one weekend outing as a family.

And this is all I’ve got–maybe on the face of it unblog-worthy. But when the years pass and I look back, I think I’ll appreciate the snippets of ordinary life–it is all so fleeting. Am I going to be nostalgic for the on-the-go weekends? Doubtful. I will long for reliving 2 uneventful days with my 10 month old daughter (and 13 year old stepson)–days that involve the simplest pleasures–curling up on the couch reading a long awaited novel, family dinners, and baby giggles.


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