Best 12 months of my life!

Julia is one! On the day of her birthday we kept things low key. My parents came for lunch and had a cake and some presents for her which was so appreciated…by me. Miss J was GRUMPY and remained unenthused for most of the visit, imperiously tossing her presents off the tray of her high chair with her little arm.  She did however rally when she got a hold of the cardboard sleeve from my father’s to go coffee cup. She actually ended up playing with it for the next three days until afer having been drug around on our hardwood floors it was too disgusting to keep so mean mommy threw it away! The evening of her birthday, Jeff attempted to assemble her present from us, a doll stroller. Unfortunately there was a mix up with the parts–we had been given two back braces but no front brace so the stroller was a no go. But the beauty of having a 12 month old is that she was unfazed and just enjoyed playing with the packaging materials. The next day I called Fischer Price and sorted it out so she’ll have her stroller very soon.

All week we received birthday packages and cards for her–we are so incredibly grateful for all of our friends and family who love our daughter. It isn’t of course about the gifts, it is about the relationships–I am excited for Julia to grow up making memories with such caring people.

Julia’s official birthday party was on Saturday and was a success. I plan to blog about it tomorrow.


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