Delighting in Miss J

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life as well as the distractions of social media and the latest “Real Housewives”  episode.  Meanwhile there is so much to miss right in front of me,  as Miss J is changing so much almost daily. I really don’t want to lose out on any of these moments so am making a concerted effort to be more consistently present.  Although she does like to play and explore on her own she LOVES playing with mommy.  Little things like imitating her ‘happy bounce’ where she bobs up and down from a kneeling position will make her dissolve into baby giggles. Is there ANYTHING more rewarding than making her laugh? Um, no.

My goal is for her to look back upon her childhood and remember a mother who got down on her hands and knees and played with her, who included her in daily actvities, who would cave more often than not and read “one more story”.  I do not want her to recollect me being more focused on my phone than upon her sweet little face.



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