Retro Photo Shoot

Friday my parents came to spend the day with Miss J and I.  Our first order of business was to take Julia’s one year studio pictures–a very belated event since she is, gulp, 13 months old! It was definitely a sentimental photoshoot as everything she wore as well as the props we used were family heirlooms/keepsakes. She wore her Mrs TiggyWinkle dress that she also wore to her first birthday that was my childhood dress (so at least 40 years old!). The character of Mrs Tiggywinkle is a laundress who irons hankerchiefs in the book. So I decided we had to have Julia hold the little toy iron that my mother played with as a child (so it is probably close to 70 years old!). She also wore my mother’s baby ring, so agian 70 years old. She also posed with her Peter Rabbit stuffed animal that her Aunt gave her when she was born and that you’ve used in each of her studio sessions as a prop, it has been fun to see how much she has grown in relation to Peter (in her one month pictures he completely dwarfed her tiny body!). The other outfit we chose was the Christmas dress I wore for my second Christmas (I would have been 20 months old on my second Christmas). Last year Julia wore my first Christmas dress to a family dinner but in the busines sof a family dinner, we didn’t get any photos of her in the dress which has made me feel heartsick–my biggest photography regret of her first year. Which I know is ridiculous as I have hundreds (OK probably thousands) of awsome pictures of my little girl. Anyway last year’s Christmas dress was adorable and classic even being more than 40 years old. The dress I wore for my second Christmas was unfortunately a total 1970s monsrosity–red velvet with an enormous clown collar. But still it means something to me to see her in my dress (and I hope one day it eans something to her as well). So I had studio shots of her in it so that this year I’m guaranteed a picture! The pictures turned out great and I’m thrilled we were able to incorporate so many things that are meaningful to our family.


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