Weekend Recap

Our weekend was full of small moments but when I think about it, those seemingly inconsequential days are often the sweetest and those are the memories I most want to capture on my blog.

As I mentioned Friday was the day of our photo shoot. Miss J always has her bath at night–we have graduated form her infant tub and she now takes a ‘sink bath’ in our kitchen sink which is perhaps the cutest thing ever, it delights me to no end seeing her splash around our sink.  Anyway because of pictures on Friday we moved her sink bath up to mid-morning and all I can say is WOW! Although she always plays with her bath toys during her evening bath, it is a part of our pre-bedtime wind down so apparently she isn’t giving her bath playtime her complete all. Mid-morning is generally a high energy time for Miss J and Friday was no exception–she played HARD in her bath–there was a tsunami in our sink, I was SOAKED, but it was totally worth it.

The other highlight of Friday would be my parenting fail. Typically we are very conscience of Miss J’s sugar intake, we really limit sugar and most days if she has sugar it is the natural sugar content of fruit. Friday was the exception–it began when I added raspberry jam to her  whole grain toast that she was reluctant to eat.  After the photo shoot my parents and I took Miss J to a Greek family restaurant. Miss J whose nap time had been interupted was a little crabby so my usual good eater only wanted saltines and french fries. My favorite part of dining at a Greek family restaurant is the homemade pudding for dessert. Miss J should not have received dessert after her lunch performance but we were with grandparents so I allowed her to have good portions of both rice and tapioca pudding. After we got back to the house midafternoon we had coffee and slices of the homemade banana cream pie my parents had brought and yes Miss J had some of that as well.  The final sugar hit came after dinner when Julia had a mini Hersheys bar my parents had brought her from their stash of leftover Halloween candy. So my daughter who is not accustomed to added sugar had jam, 3 different desserts and candy! The result was she REFUSED to go to bed–she wasn’t fussy at all, just wild and active! I think it was close to 10 PM when she crashed which was horrendous considering she is normally sound asleep between 7 and 7:30! Lesson learned.

Saturday unsurprisingly was a quiet day. My husband is normally home on weekends but had been offered some overtime on Saturday so he was gone for a big chunk of the day which was fine as Miss J was all about catching up on lost sleep.  After my husband retuned we had a Netflix Marathon–a cozy evening.

Sunday meant church of course. We utilized the nursery for the very first time as it is no longer tenable to have her with us my husband helps out with the sound system during the service and I have been enlisted to usher once a month and my stepson has confirmation class. Turns out her very first stint in the nursery was a success–she cried at first as she is not accustomed to being apart from us but they were able to calm her down quickly and when I returned to get her was so pleased to find her happily playing. I think she’ll be much happier in the nursery playing with other children surrounded by books and toys and I will be much happier being able to focus on the service without the distraction of Miss J.

After church we had a Packer game to watch–it was ununexpected, horrific loss and not to be melodramatic, it is not something I wish to preserve for posterity on my blog  😉 Was extra frustrating as in years past if a game wasn’t going well, this admitted fairwather fan would exit the situation and would begin frantically power cleaning to burn off nervous energy. Well this year with Miss J, that has been tougher and as Miss J had fallen asleep on my lap I was pinned to the couch forced to watch the trainwreck unfold. Stressful, Stressful, Stressful without the silver living of a clean house 😉


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