Family Road Trip: Days 3 and 4

I spent our first real day in Atlanta at the house spending quiet time with Julia and catching up with my wonderful mother in-law who I’m quite close with, am so lucky to have her in my life! Meanwhile the rest of our group went to see the latest James Bond movie. Upon their return, we headed into the city to go to Gladyis Knight’s Chicken and Waffle restaurant downtown. My goodness was it delicious!  I have ALWAYS wanted to go out for chicken and waffles–it was even a topic of discussion at the hair salon amongst my bridesmaids on my wedding day! A coouple years ago my stepson and I picked up some broasted chicken from a nearby restaurant and I made waffles and it was definitely a fun dinner but NOTHING like this restaurant, no comparison 🙂

The next day we fulfilled our annual tradition of Publix’s subs–of course we have  grocery store deli sandwiches in WI many with Boarshead meats but somehow the sub tastes better in Atlanta 😉 Julia got right on board with the tradition and devoured the pieces of sub I gave her including the tomato (which she normally doesn’t like).  After our midafternoon sandwich feast we headed back into the city to go to the Botanical Gardens–after dark they have a spectacular light display. It was far more beautiful and extensive than I’d been prepared for–30 heavily and creatively decorated acres!  Julia in all honesty had minimal interest but she adored all of the attention our group showered on her–she spent minimal time in her stroller as we passed her around each taking a turn carrying her. On the drive back to the house she was a bit fussy but not for long as her Auntie was quickly able to calm her down and the two of them held hands for the 40 + minute drive home–sweetest thing ever? I think so!


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