Family Road Trip: Days 5 and 6

One of my favorite traditions during our annual visit might seem on the face of it, mundane. We go to Whole Foods as a group–my father and sister inlaw typically have a small list of items necessary for the upcoming Thanksgiving meal (they’ll have already completed the marjor shop). My husband and stepson and I “help” by zig zagging between the stations of free samples. Our final destination is the prepared foods area where we’ll grab a slce of pizza.  I am pleased to report that Julia immediately got her sample groove on and happily munched on various cheeses from her perch in the cart. (she loved the pizza too)

After Whole Foods, my inlaws took my stepson to their country club to golf. He has only gotten into golf within the last year but seems really taken with it–I think he has found his sport! While they were golfing, my sister in law and I took Julia for a walk around the neighborhood. Julia promptly fell asleep and as we didn’t wish to disturb her nap, we ended up huddled in the garage gossiping while Miss J caughgt up on her rest in her stroller.

Our night ended with some AWESOME bbq in nearby Roswell. The place is apparently famous and was packed! The babyback ribs were so, so good. Miss Julia enjoyed her bbq but was mainly interested in our neighboring table that contained a large contingent of children–she was fascinated by the ‘big kids’ (3 and 4 year olds).  Not only did she unblinkingly stare but she contorted her body in her highchair in order to obtain the best possible view. Honestly if we’d pushed her chair over to join that family of strangers she would have been thrilled.

The next day was Thanksgiving!!!! What a delicious meal we had–although we had 5 adults, 1 teenager and 1 baby we had in addition to the turkey, 6 side dishes and 4 different homemade pies! Julia tried (and liked) everything but the cranberries.  In retrospect I should have given her a taste of the cranberries as she does enjoy some surprising things. Example? My MIL gave her some sparkling La Croix (cran-ras flavored) in her sippy cup and after a couple of hilariously surprised faces, she drank it!

The only blemish on the night was the Packers humilating loss to the Chicago Bears at Lambeau. Thankfully a food coma set in before I could watch too much of that disaster unfold 😉



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