I will return with the conclusion of our family road trip tomorrow. Yesterday Miss Julia turned 14 months old and as I don’t want to forget a minute of this cute and VERY lively stage of her development I thought a blog post was in order.

Miss J can take a couple of unaided steps into our arms but truly prefers crusing our furniture and when she is in a hurry she’ll speed crawl to her destination! No ‘real’ talking yet but does say ‘da’ consistently which makes my husband very, very happy. (although she has been known to call me ‘da’ as well!!!) One of her favorite things to do is sit with a book (often the book is upside down) and turn the pages while babbling and cooing to it in her sweet little voice. I don’t think I will ever tire of listening to Julia ‘read’.

Mischief is alive and well in the Foley home! She has become better with the dog and does know how to properly pet her using the ‘gentle touches’ we have taught her but when she senses no one is watching she will still occasionally pull Izzie’s ears or jowls. When caught she’ll smile winningly at us and release the ear and showily begin stroking the dog’s back nicely.

Bathtime is a favorite–I generally use our kitchen sink which is the perfect size for her, she loves splashing and playing with her squirting bath toys and ‘reading’ her rubber bath book.  Although she generally screams and cries when I wipe her face outside of the bath, when in the tub she absolutely does not mind having her face washed so there are rarely tears. Unfortunately she enjoys the spish solashy fun of bathtime so much, she seeks it from other water sources as well. She will speed crawl to the dog’s water bowl any chance that she gets so we have to be vigilant with closed doors and gates. Worse than the water bowl was the time when my husband and I each thought the other was watching Miss J and she was discovered kneeling in front of a toilet with lid and seat both up and her arms up to the elbows in toilet water happily splashing! I do beleive it was our biggest parenting fail to date!

What a good eater she is!!! We completely did away with baby food a couple months ago once her teeth began to really come in (she now has 7 teeth). We still get some Gerber puffs to use as snacks but that is about it for prepared baby products. She basically eats what we eat and it is a long list: pork chops, potatoes prepared all sorts of ways, beef stew, pasta, chili, curry, rice, chicken prepared many ways, bean soup,yogurt, all sorts of cereals, pasta salad, black beans, encilladas, tacos, homemade mac & cheese, meatloaf, pretty much any sort of cheese including bleu cheeses, fresh avocado, bread (although I give it to her sparingly as I don’t like her to fill up on it), of course desserts are a hit but she rarely receives dessert (many a couple times a month at most). She likes most veggies especially carrots, green beans and broccoli. She used to reject tomatoes but now enjoys them so I often include some cut up tomatoes with her lunch. Fruits have never been a favorite but she has gotten better on that front as well–she eats a fresh banana most days as part of her breakfast, she LOVES fresh cantalope and she will eat apple pretty reliably. She LOVES homemade applesauce! Berries are not very successful but I keep reintroducing them. I never give up on the things she doesn’t like, they stay in roation! She will drink juice in her sippy cup (although I don’t give her huge quanties). She definitely prefers orange juice over apple juice. She still nurses (yes I need to wean her!) but does drink lots of cow’s milk from her sippy so is nursing far less often.

As for toys her favorite things to grab are our things, not toys–she likes to do what we’re doing. So our phones and our remote control and our books are probbaly her three favorite things to seek out. She does model our behavior so when she does manage to grab one of our phones she’ll often old it up to her ear which is awfully cute. She sometimes grabs an empty (thankfully) coffee cup and mimic drinking from it which again is cute although heavily discouraged as it could be disaster if it weren’t empty! For actual toys she has a leapfrog picnic set that she really enjoys, she has a shape sorter that she is beginning to master and one of her stuffed bears she is starting to favor a bit. I gave her a 99 cent Walgreens Christmas themed snow globe and that has been a hit. We gave her a doll stroller for her birthday and she does push it which is awfully cute!

Not everything is perfect and I want this blog to reflect the warts as well as the blessings so in an upcoming post I’ll discuss the weaning issue as well as some of her sleep issues. But in all honesty I adore her so beyond reason that even the ‘issues’ feel like blessings.




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