Weeekend Recap Part 1

Um, a sure sign of a busy weekend is when you need to blog it in segments! I’ll begin with Saturday as Friday was actually pretty quiet for us.  It began with picking up my stepson as he spent his Friday night watching Star Wars and sleeping over at a friend’s house. Our first order of business was to finish our Christmas shopping. Let’s have a collective moment of gratitude for online shopping as there is no way a decade ago that I would have felt comfortable braving a shopping mall the Saturday morning before Christmas with a 13 year old who had stayed up most of the night and a 14 month old whose nap time was being encroached upon! (And a husband who even in the most optimum of conditions strongly dislikes being at a shopping mall) But although busy, the mall was certianly not crazed and we were able to pick up with we needed efficently and with a minimum of angst.

Already my daughter’s social life is busier than mine as our next order of business was to attend a birthday party she had been invited to–the boy across the street from us is turning one on Christmas Day. My boys opted to stay home so Julia and I represented our family. And represent, Julia did! I had no idea what to expect from her as this was a new sort of social opportunity for her–she had never been inside this house and most of the attendees both adult and child she had never met before. I expected her to maybe be a bit clingy with me at least until she had figured out the lay of the land. Um, no. Julia immediately became a social butterfly–crawling to greet every guest (adults and chidren). She LOVED playing with the ‘big kids’ (there were several 5 year olds in attendance) so Julia was often found happily playing in a throng of older kids she had never met before! It was so nice to see her in her element! Upon our return home she was so exhausted she promptly took a 2 hour nap in which she was practically comatose!

After pizza from our favorite local pizza place I left Julia in the care of the boys and headed to another neighbor’s house for our annual cookie exchange. It was a little smaller than it sometimes is–only 11 participants but that still provides plenty of cookies! Was so good catching up with everyone and sharing somany laughs. We had a fun gift exchange–the hostess had a creative way for us to exchange gifts that involved sitting in a circle and passing the gifts ‘right’ and ‘left’ according to prompts that had been inserted into a Christmas poem. It was pretty hilarious! I received some hand lotion that has already made a difference for me–such a tough time of year for skin! Best part it is unscented. Although I love scented lotions and potions, it is NO fun when various scents are competing with one another.

Tomorrow I’ll come back and recap our Sunday which was chock full of holiday fun!


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