Best Intentions


Time to give CPR to this blog! I had the very best intentions to kick off 2016 with regular blogging, and well, it clearly hasn’t happened. But no point beating myself up over disappointing yesterdays, only thing to do is try to do better!

Yesterday I took Miss Julia to the pediatrician for her 15 month check up. Was nice reassurance that she is doing well. She is 50% in weight,  just over 75% in length and 80% in head circumferance. Those numbers haven’t fluctuated much–she has always been average weight, tallish with a large head 🙂

Julia has never loved being  at the Dr–part of the reason being the appointment is spent in her diaper which she HATES! Other than baths and clothing changes she is always dressed and it has always been clear that she likes being clothed. Fingers crossed that trait carries into her teenage years!!!! Yesterday was an especially difficult appointment as she cried during the exam–evidently medical instruments (like the stethescope) terrify her 😦 And she needed 3 shots which wasn’t fun. But the good news is that her angst never last long and she was smiling even before I had her dressed.

Julia has been 15 months old for more than a week but I should give some of her deets belatedly:

She is 20 pounds 4 ounces

She is 31 and 1/2 inches long

She wears a size 3 diaper

She is in mostly 18 month clothes

Her walking has greatly improved but she still crawls when she is in a hurry!

She is decidedly NOT a talker but I was a late talker as well and if she remains like her mommy she’ll eventually try to make up for lost time by being a chatterbox!

Her style of play has definitely progressed into modeling our behavior. I need to capture a video of her with her toy purse on her arm as she holds her toy cell phone to her ear!

She remains a very good eater! She loves foods that have a bit of kick to them so has done very well with chili, curry and a spicy spinach taco. She loves beans–black beans, kidney beans and lentils. She gobbles up vegetables–peas, carrots, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, parsnips and brussel sprouts have all been hits as have olives. Tomatoes she has been doing better with but mushrooms still sadly mostly end up on the floor. Fruits: She likes bananas, cantalope, honey dew, apples and oranges. She is NOT a fan of berries though! We tried raspberries again recently and they were angrily flung from her tray! Of course she likes sweets but honestly we try to avoid giving them to her–only very occasionally does she receive a taste of dessert. Beverages: she still mostly prefers milk–I am still nursing a bit and she also drinks whole milk. She will drink water. Juice is not a favorite–she generally does better with orange juice than apple juice but it is so hard on teeth, I don’t give her huge amounts.

Special toys: She has never been a pacifer girl so mommy remains her main sorce of comfort. She loves her Leap Frog picnic set, her pounding toy (baby girl can work that mallet!) and her toy purse.

Special books: Goodnight Moon remains her favorite followed closely by The Hungry Caterpiller she also likes Moo, Moo, Baa, Baa, La La La. Any touch and feel book is fun too.

She still loves her bath and she also enjoys having her teeth brushed. Still late on teeth–she has 7 right now–4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

This seems to be a period of rapid development so we are eagerly awaiting what her 16th month brings!




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