This time last year I was obsessed with encouraging Julia to roll over. At her 3 month appointment, her pediatrician assured me that she was ‘so close’ and would do it ‘any day’.  But she continued to wiggle and wobble back and forth gaining momentum without a flip for what felt like forever. Spoiler alert: She eventually rolled over. And of course I was delighted–I actually teared up, I was so proud of her the first time she rolled.  The milestone itself is amazing of course but what is most special to me is being part of her journey toward the accomplishment–all those days of tummy time watching her try, seeing her determination, being her cheerleader.

Miss J has been a late walker. She was a champion crawler and didn’t seem all that motivated to transistion to two feet. No unaided steps were taken until she was 13 months old and she didn’t completely abandon crawling until 15 months old.  I will confess that there were times I looked into the future and pictured her crawling into her Kindergarten classroom! Of course I am completely enamored with her cute little bobbly walking and am as proud as can be of her but if I’m being honest there is a tiny part of me that misses the pre-walking era. Perhaps when she is chasing our dog around the dining room table…sigh.  Or the fact that she climbs up onto our sofa and then promptly attempts to hoist herself onto the adjacent end table to terrorize our lamp. I say ‘attempts’ not because it isn’t an attainable goal but rather becuase  I abort her efforts. When I pictured motherhood I decidedly did not envision myself as a goalie for our furniture 😉

Luckily I am able to embrace the chaos…mostly. As hectic as this season of life is, I know all too well that it is a blip on the radar and will likely be over before I am ready.



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