TBT: Weekend Recap

Yes, I’m doing my weekend recap on Thursday–I have good intentions but my week tends to get away from me!

Friday night my husband surprised me with Mexican food (my love language) from my favorite local restaurant (La Fuente).

Saturday my husband picked up my stepson and we had a low key day with him–got comfy on our respective couches and put on a cooking documentary which lulled us into some much needed naps. Seriously I get some of my best sleep during cooking shows! For dinner I made a baked ziti out of our Sopranos cookbook. My husband and I have been slowly rewaching the series–can’t do the marathon sessions we’d like due to little eyes and ears ๐Ÿ™‚ Seeing all of their wondeful meals had me craving some hearty Italian fare. The ziti was indeed delicious and um, certainly hearty–it was SO rich I had horrible indigestion for a solid 2 hours post-meal. It was so bad I began to wonder if it was a problem with my gall bladder but I think I’ve decided that it was just gluttony ๐Ÿ˜‰ Honestly it made me rethink some of my food choices as when I was cleaning up the kitchen our garbage disposal was very slow with the ziti scraps–if our plumbing is having problems, imagine what it is doing to our arteries!?!

Sunday was church and as my husband and I were ushering it meant we had to arrive early and we have trouble being on time on a normal Sunday so it was a mad sprint to church (our church is just a couple blocks from our house so we almost always walk weather permitting). I can only imagine what I must look like on Sunday mornings as I speed walk/trot in a dress and heels while pushing a stroller! We had some sad (although not unexpected news) that our Pastor will be retiring in June. Sunday afternoon the boys worked on repairing our snow blower. Now originally we were forecasted to have 5-8 inches of snow early in the week but by Sunday afternoon it had been downgraded to less than one inch but I conveniently didn’t tell my repair crew as I didn’t want them to lose stem with their project. It is early February so it is highly likely that we will be hit with a big snow storm at some point so it’ll be nice to be prepared. ย Sunday night is “my” time meaning Downton Abbey–love that show and normally it is the very best way to wind down my week. However, Sunday’s episode was unbelievably stressful so am not sure that I ‘wound down’!

And that was our weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


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