Our week in review

We’ve had a good week! Highlights include:

My parents spent a day with Julia and I on Monday. Mom and I chatted and played with Miss J while my dad installed a window seat/radiator cover in Julia’s room. It turned out better than I’d even dreamed during my Pinterest planning phase. They are coming next week to install a radiator cover in one of our bathrooms. I am so lucky to have an incredibly handy father! (My husband is handy as well so twice as blessed but my dad has more time for projects being retired)

Tuesday brought us a playdate at our neighbor’s house–her daughter is about 6 months older than Julia. We had a fantastic time! We played for 2 straight hours in the basement where there were toy work benches, pedal cars, bouncy toys, a trampoline, a tunnel, and several toy boxes full to the brim with assorted toys. A very sweet moment came when we had a ‘tea party’ The moms had tea and gourmet chocolates and the little girls sat at their own little child-sized princess table and ate apple slices and drank water from sippy cups. Incidentally, my daughter does OK with water at home but does awesomely with water 3 houses down from us, it must feel like a novelty as it certainly doesn’t taste any differently! The second sweet moment came when Julia fell off her chair, she was clearly not hurt but was startled and as we were fast approaching nap time she became a bit unglued and cried her ‘ugly point-of-no-return cry’ (which we thankfully do not see very often). The other girl got up and went to Julia and gave her a big hug–perhaps the cutest thing ever!?! And a ‘big’ girl giving her that special attention snapped her out of the freak out far faster than I could have šŸ™‚

The rest of the week was uneventful. Lots of cozy meals (I did our meal plan last week when we were still expecting a potential blizzard)–I’m talking health food like broccoli cheddar soup with sausage šŸ™‚ Or chicken Parmesan on a gigantic bed of pasta šŸ™‚ Or my personal favorite meatloaf and potatos. Total hibernation food!

My week is ending on a high note as Julia is officially 16 months old today. How did that happen!?!

Looking forward to our weekend!


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