Weekend Recap (In which I ate ALL the food)

Had a wonderful weekend! Friday night kicked off to a lazy start when I served an On-Cor lasagna for dinner. I don’t generally like to do too many pre-packaged processed convenience foods for dinner but after making homecooked meals all week, I was ready for a break. The accompanying garlic bread was from scratch so not everthing served had been frozen  😉

Saturday evening we had my stepson over for a visit and my inlaws joined us for dinner. Originally we were planning to go out to dinner but the place we had chosen did not accept reservations and even showing up at 5 PM, there was already a lengthy wait. So we rolled with the punches and picked up a take out pizza and salad and ate it at our house.  After everyone went home/went to sleep my husband and I got cozy and sat up WAY too late binge watching The Sopranos. We were up till nearly midnight which might not seem exceptional, but for us with our hard and fast asleep by 9 PM lifestyle it was practically an ‘all nighter’!

Sunday morning got off to a rough start with our dog vomiting in our bed (luckily at the foot where she sleeps and not near us but bad enough for sure!).  Church was great–it was the first Sunday since before Christmas that I was simply attended as a congregant without a special role–I’ve been liturgist, usher or Sunday school teacher other weeks. But the nursery attandant was ill so I subbed in and listened to the service 🙂 Julia was the only one under my charge and she was thrilled to be able to play with all of the toys AND have her mommy available. Plus a couple of the ‘big girls’ ages almost 6 and 9 came in and played with her before and after their Sunday school lessons which she loved! Sunday night was the Super Bowl–we definitely got into the spirit by making enormously loaded platter of nachos. I watched just more than half the game before I switched to Downton Abbey because…priorities 🙂 Foortball is much less stressful when your team is not in it (also much less exhilirating) so it was a pretty mellow night for us. But we were pleased that Denver won 🙂

Now after my weekend of junk food I feel as though I need a detox!



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