16 Months!

Julia turned 16 months old on Friday so I have my hands full but in the best possible way. Every single day I marvel that she is mine, it seems too good to be true.

WALKING: She very rarely crawls anymore–occiasionally if she is on the floor playing with her toys, she’llq crawl a short distance to grab another toy. Or if someone, ahem, my husband leaves the door from our living room/dining room area open she’ll crawl pell mell as fast as she can toward our kitchen in the hopes of getting to the dog’s water dish for some splashy fun before I capture her (thankfully I almost always catch her but it IS a cardio work out as girlfriend is a speed crawler!).

TALKING: Not yet. She says ‘Da’ for both Jeff and the dog (her version of doggie which how we mostly refer to Izzie our Boxer). She does lots of babbling and grunting but no other clear words. But our pediatrician isn’t concerned as she clearly understands quite a bit. I was a late talker as well–I was 18 months old when my younger brother was born and my parents clearly remember discussing my not talking with my Grandma who had come to help take care of me while my mom was recovering from my brother’s birth.

EATING: Um, everything in sight. Won’t do an exhaustive list of what little miss eats, lets just say if she can manage it with her 7 teeth, then she’ll eat it! The exception being berries–she has never been big on fruit but has gotten better with the exception of blueberries/blackberries/raspberries/strawberries. She also doesn’t care for juice (any type) but the juice is no tragedy as it is so hard on teeth and full of sugars.  Speaking of sugars desserts aren’t really her thing either. They aren’t immediately flung off her tray like a berry but they aren’t wolfed the way an encillada or piece of shredded pork would be. She did like my mom’s homemmade banana cream pie and did well with rice pudding at a Greek family restaurant. But most times if you give her a cookie she’ll eat a bite or two and then give the rest to the dog or if she still has other things from her meal left on her tray will put the dessert down and concentrate on her remaining scraps of dinner. She does very well with all veggies–one of our winter staples is to roast some root vegetables in olive oil, garlic and a seasoning blend which she loves–usually a mixture of carrots, parsnips, beets and potatoes.  For lunch I often make her a panini–turkey and cheddar and ham with swiss are in frequent rotation. Dinner is always whatever we’re having modified to accomodate 7 teeth if necessary. We bagan this practice when she turned one which is also when her teeth emerged and so far (knocking vigorously on wood) have never made her a separate meal.

PLAYING: She continues to model our behavior in her play which is fun to watch–pretending to eat her play food, gives her dolls and animals hugs, etc. Sometimes she uses the little table cloth that came with her picnic set as a dust cloth and she carefully dusts our coffee table. She is also very big on matching. She discovered that we had 2 copies of the same book (typically I kept one in the diaper bag but it had migrated out and comingled with her other toys and books). She loves to find both copies and hold them up to show me–it blows her mind! She also has two squeaky elephant teether which are only slightly different–one is light gray and the other is a light dusty pink but otherwise identical. She likes to hold them up together as well while smiling broadly. But she also likes to color match. Yesterday she pulled the driver doll who was wearing an orange jumpsuit and orange hard hat off her dump truck (my parents got her the truck for Christmas) and held it up to the orange ring of her stacking toy–exact same shade of orange and she was fascinated!

SLEEP: Julia loves her nap! She very rarely takes two naps anymore and instead has transistioned to one very long nap which more often than not I need to roust her from (so she can go to bed at bedtime).  I generally let her sleep two hours or so sometimes a bit longer.

WELLBEING: We have been so lucky regarding her health–in her first 16 months she has had 2 colds and zero ear infections.  One of those colds barely counts as she had a drippy nose for 2 days and then was seemingly fine (where I with the same cold was miserable for 10 days!). It is unclear if this is a benefit of nursing and receiving my antibodies or if she has inherhited her dad’s constitution (he never catches my colds either).

FRIENDS: We are so lucky to have two other babies of a similar age on our block so we do lots of play dates at our respective houses and long walks together in nice weather. Yesterday we had a 13 month old boy come play and tomorrow we’re going to burn off some steam at our local mall with a 23 month old girl. Even better is that I really enjoy the company of both of the moms so it is a win all around.

Can’t wait to see what this next month brings!


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