Weekend of Love

It was COLD this weekend–single digit temperatures cold. So our weekend theme was to stay in and be cozy. I am sure some wives were  putting on their very best lingerie in honor of Valentine’s Day. I however spent much of the weekend in long underwear underneath track pants with my personal favorite, fuzzy socks. My husband is a lucky man 😉

Although we did go out and buy filets and lobster tails for a nice dinner, we opted (at my insistence) to instead have a heart shaped pizza ( one of my favorite annual traditions). 

Julia enjoyed the accompanying balloon– we tried to get a video of her chasing the dog with it around our dining room table but as so often happens, by the time we were ready to film, the moment had passed.

So most of the weekend was spent playing with the baby, watching movies and cuddling. Maybe not the best material to blog but a delicious way to spend our time. We did go to church which as always was wonderful– the Sunday school children came down and passed out sweet Valentine magnets to the congregation. I can’t wait until Julia is able to participate in those activities!

We’re ready to face our week utterly renewed! 


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