Pinterest for the Win

Today I am linking up with  Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. The topic is Pinterest pins which is probably not my strongest area–I love Pintetest but avoid it as it sucks me into a vortex of an afternoon wasted ( especially since I have low follow through on pinned items!).

So I decided to share one of the ideas from Pinterest that I DID do successfully. Unfortunately I didn’t pin so can’t link to the original source. My stepson several years ago was in 5th grade and had decided it was the last year he would be trick or treating. I asked him what he’d like to be and he gave me the ultra specific (except not at all) “I want to be both funny and scary”.  So I dutifully googled funny and scary Halloween  costumes DIY and the very first idea that popped up both horrified me and made me giggle AND it required less than $10 in materials. Sold! Brace yourself for my stepson in the end result!

  I think we hit both marks! For materials we mostly used things on hand–one of my husband’s coats and a backpack filled with plastic bags to be worn under the coat to hold it up. The biggest expense of the whole operation was the big plastic container as we purchased cheese puffs at Sam’s Club soley for the jar. We also needed extra safety pins so those were a minimal purchase as well–I think we spent around $6.00!!! My husband is an engineer so he was in charge of costume assembly and it was NOT as easy as it looked on Pinterest. But that was likely because of our coat choice–in the pin they used a lightweight nylon rain coat which I am sure was easier to work with than my husband’s heavy wool winter coat. But we were trick or treating at night in WI and it was COLD!!! 
Anyway the costume was an enormous success–kids who my stepson   didn’t even know stopped and complimented him (huge in the world of an 11 year old), many of the houses we stopped at said his was the best costume of the night and at times we literally stopped traffic due to admirers. At the end of the night my stepson looked up at me and he “now knew how celebrities feel”. Pinterest for the win!


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