Downton Abbey

If you’re not caught up on the current (and sob final) season of Downton Abbey, stop reading as I’ll be incuding some spoiler-ish details.

Am I the only one who is tearing out their hair over the dynamic between Mrs Hughes and Carson!?! I can’t help but be reminded of Kazuo Ishiguro’s wonderful book Remains of the Day (made into a movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson in the late 1980s).  At the end of Remains of the Day a very Carson-like butler opts to not follow a chance of love with a Mrs. Hughes-like housekeeper. He has spent an entire life completely constrained making his entire existence about duty and service and is self aware enough to know that it is too late for him, he doesn’t know how to let someone in and be a partner. So that love story goes unrequited. I remember crying when I finished the book. Well, 30 years after Ishiguro wrote the novel we are seeing a glimpse of what their story could have been if it had been actualized and it isn’t pretty! I hope that the little prank Mrs Hughes and Mrs Pattmore played on Carson works and he develops some appreciation for the difficulties of keeping house but honestly that solution felt a little sitcommy to me.

I am horribly sad to see the series wind down–Downton has been the very best way to spend wintry Sunday evenings. But there HAVE been storylines I’ve become fatigued with so maybe it IS a good time to end. But tell me that NEXT January when I’m sitting with my hot tea in my fuzzy socks with nothing to watch!


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