TBT: Regrets

My parents have had the bridesmaid dress that my paternal grandmother wore as part of her brother’s wedding party in the early 1940s for a very long time. A few years ago I decided for fun to try it on & it basically fit!

Now obviously it isn’t my style nor do I have places to go in which a full length antique gown would be appropriate attire. But I do regret not trying on the dress while my grandmother was still alive it would have been such an easy small thing to do–my parents had it hanging up in a closet in their guest bedroom so it was totally accessible. My grandmother would have LOVED seeing me in this dress and would have talked about it for weeks and shown all of her friends the pictures. But life gets busy and you always think “there is more time” so those small gestures can get procrastinated into never happening. 

As a wife and a mother to a 16 month old and stepmother to a 13 year old, most days I just do what is in front of me and tend to immediate needs. But this picture is a poignant reminder that I need to make time and remember the happiness of those outside my inner circle. Sometimes it takes so little to make someone else’s day– whether it is to bring them a homemade treat, or send a card ‘just because’ or even to remember to inquire about something going on in their life. I would much rather be remembered for thoughtful loving gestures than for having a perpetually vacuumed living room and although a clean home is important, the legacy of compassion is ultimately what I want to teach my daughter.

Just something to think about. 


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