Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Andrea,   Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.

Favorite one:  

Taco Tuesday! Tacos are one of my absolute favorite foods but my husband is not a huge fan so I generally make them when he is out of town. Well, I finally found a taco recipe that he likes! He had prefaced before dinner that he had had a big and late lunch so would probably eat just one taco–um, he ate four! They were spinach and pesto baked tacos from Mix and Match Mama’s blog, will definitely put these in heavy rotation in our household. Our 16 month old loves them too! The Recipe I took a picture but believe me they taste much better than my picture suggests (I am a terrible photographer!)

Favorite Two:

I am always looking for things to read. In this busy season of my life it has to be something fairly light that I can read in hastily snatched moments of free time. A rather terrible blind date gave me a paperback he thought I would like maybe 10 years ago. I never bothered reading it as I felt badly about how the date had gone ( I need to blog this date sometime it was hilariously bad!). Well, I picked it up a couple days ago and am hooked! Nelson DeMille’s The Gold Coast

Favorite Three:

Do you think there is any static electricity in the air!?! 



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