Friday Favorites: Life with Julia

Today I am linking up with Andrea,   Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites!

My husband had to be out of town for work much of the week so Julia and I used that as an opportunity to visit my parents. Which was definitely a favorite of mine but unfortunately I didn’t document our week as well as I should have!


It astonishes me what my 16 month old eats–I swear there must be hot sauce running through her veins as the spicier the dish, the more she seems to enjoy it! Here she is eating huevos rancheros that my dad made her for breakfast.


I love picking out toys for Julia and spend an inordinate amount of time studying reviews and looking for recommendations from blogs. However, when it comes time for play time nine times out of ten she’ll gravitate toward a non-toy found object usually trash. Her absolute favorites are empty cardboard coffee cups and she’ll play with one for days until it is pretty battered and tattered and then it inevitably disappears during nap time.


As fun as time with my parents was, the very best is returning home to regular routines and best of all daddy. She loves his bedtime stories. 



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Life with Julia

  1. That is so funny your little one likes spicy food! My daughter loves salsa, but she definitely doesn’t like the spicier brands and will let us know! Stopping over from the link up and your blog is so cute! Hope you check out mine as well =0) Have a happy Friday!


    1. I like spicy foods but they don’t always agree with me so I think I’d rather share salsa with your daughter 😉 I look forward to checking out your blog, am always looking for momma’s to follow 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!


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