Let’s Talk…Guys

Today I’m linking up with  Erika and Andrea for the Let’s Talk series. Today’s topic is the men in our lives.

My # 1 guy would of course be my husband.


We met almost 13 years ago and briefly dated but the timing was off so we decided we were better off as friends. He was such a good friend–the sort you could call in the middle of the night if you couldn’t sleep. Almost seven years ago he asked to give romance another try, I was reluctant as our friendship was so important to me. But I gave it a chance and am so glad I did–we’re rapidly closing in on our four year wedding anniversary. There are too many reasons I love Jeff to possibly list in this post but the main reason is I know without question that he always has my back. Even when he doesn’t agree with me, he defends me–is there any better feeling than being supported unconditionally? The second thing he brings is the laughs–we laugh a lot. He is very musical which means he has a great ear ( he is always pointing out at his son’s band concerts who needs to tune their instruments) but a bonus of his sensitive ear is that he is an amazingly awesome mimic! He can do any accent and dialect which never fails to cause me to erupt into giggles. Seriously can never be bored with Jeff because I can simply ask him to do his auctioneer impersonation 😉

Now for the first love of my life…my dad.

Dad was a big contributor to making my childhood magical. I loved the Little House on the Prairie books as a child and after having read the Long Winter ( in which while snowed in, the Ingalls family had to make their own flour) my dad surprised me by having us make our own flour by using an antique coffee grinder and then baking bread. I was maybe five at the time and still vividly remember it! At around the same age I was fascinated with the tire swing on Sesame Street so one day he surprised me by hanging one in our backyard ( which I am confident my mom hated, unsightly!). Dad also brings magic to my adult life by helping remodel the 1920s house I live in–he is currently building radiator covers for all of the radiators in my home. No easy feat as like snowflakes no two radiators in my home are the same!

I am lucky to have both of these wonderful men in my life and in my daughter’s life 🙂


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