Today I’m linking up with Caitlin my Wednesday confessions.

My first confession is that I received my Girl Scout cookies on Monday and had a box demolished (single handedly) by end of the day Tuesday. Not a proud moment.

My second confession is that I LOVE the show Criminal Minds but it scares me silly. If I walk my dog early in the morning I envision a serial killer lurking behind every shrub! So to counteract Criminal Minds, I cleanse my TV palate with a little Dateline NBC as it reminds me that most murders are committed by a spouse and not in fact by a serial killer 😉

Lastly I need to confess that my taste in coffee is simultaneously low brow AND dated. When my husband is in town we always grind our own beans fresh with every pot and usually use Starbucks French roast. But when he is out of town I am all about Maxwell House’s Hazelnut. I drink my coffee like it is 1985 and I am on a budget!

Come visit my site tomorrow for my TBT picture as it is EPIC! The fashion crime I committed deserves a tribunal at The Hague or at the very least a scolding by the late Joan Rivers 😉


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