Before I get to my TBT picture, a little housekeeping, I realized that I posted the same Girl Scout Cookies meme two days in a row! Yikes! I am so embarrassed 😦 I would blame pregnancy brain but am decidedly not pregnant. Is chasing after/constantly being distracted by an almost 17 month old a thing? If so, I will blame that!

Now for TBT. In 1992 I traveled to Hope, Michigan to visit a friend. During my stay we attended a concert and this ensemble was what I chose to wear. Granted this was the ‘grunge’ era but there is still no excuse for putting these items in my suitcase for a weekend getaway let alone actually putting them on to spend time in public!

I am the one in the red plaid. Let me go through my ‘style’ elements.

•Black cropped tank that looks like a sports bra. Not flattering!

•My dad’s old flannel which was grunge era appropriate. But instead of making it ready for a hot July evening by cutting off the sleeves at the shoulder, I inexplicably chose to make short sleeves! Like if a lumberjack moonlit as a librarian 😉

•My brother’s old jeans made into shorts which were  WAY too big for me which is a great segue into my next bullet point….

•I neglected to bring a belt, so fashioned one out of a piece of nylon twine my friend had on hand.

•Black socks. Wrong, just wrong.

•That summer I had a part time job in a restaurant’s dining room. As black shoes were a uniform requirement and I wanted something comfortable for long shifts on my feet I had a pair of Easy Spirit walking shoes. OK, fine for work but paired with shorts for an evening with friends!?!

Although my outfit was terrible I had a great time at the concert and even flirted with a cute boy ( who obviously overlooked that I was wearing the same pair of shoes his grandma wore to bridge club!!!).

Come back next Thursday for another fashion faux pas!

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