Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites.



It is my mission to make this a thing. Sure the name ‘Taco Tuesday’ is alliterative so fun to say but in my opinion tacos are the ultimate Monday meal. They are a cinch to make, they’re quick and most importantly supremely satisfying–the perfect way to ease into the week. 



Ignore the poor composition of this photo–not loving my dog’s snout nestled against my daughter’s new dress! I purchased this dress for Julia to wear at upcoming Easter events. I thought the lemons were such a fresh look and just fell in love with it. Full disclosure: it DOES wrinkle if you so much as glance at it. But at Julia’s age the dress is mostly for photo ops so I’m not terribly concerned. 



On Thursdays I post a throwback picture usually of a fashion faux pas. This was yesterday’s picture, it makes me giggle without fail! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend ( and stockpiles their taco accoutrements for Monday)!


4 thoughts on “Friday FAVORITES

  1. We need to bring back Tacos. We got burned out on them when we did them weekly. But that picture gave me a craving. Cute Easter dress! And I think the dog agrees 🙂


    1. We have had tacos a couple weeks in a row (different variations but still tacos) so we’re taking a break this week. But this is mostly for my husband’s benefit–tacos are not his favorite. Thanks for noticing my dog–she gets into most of my photos, shocking there was no doggie about next to the taco platter 😉


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