Show and Tell Tuesday: Hometowns

Today I’m linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday series. Today’s topic is our hometown.

I have spent most of my adult life in Milwaukee ( minus a brief stint in Chicago). But I grew up in a small Northern WI town, Sister Bay.

Sister Bay is part of Door County which is located on Wisconsin’s peninsula. ( WI is shaped like a mitten and Door County is the thumb). Being a peninsula there are lots of really nice beaches which brings lots of tourism from  mostly Chicago ( about 5 hours away).  So my small town of 70o residents has two mini-golf courses ( with a third one a couple miles away in the next town over) and has countless resorts and condos.

The big landmark is Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant. The log building was imported from Sweden and on nice days spring through fall there are live goats on the grass roof! In high school my class posed for a group shot on top of the roof ( minus the goats).

When I think about Sister Bay I always remember the sense of serenity that comes over me whenever I am near the water.

Sister Bay will forever be special to me as it is the site of my wedding-we got married in the small apple orchard behind my parents’ house.

My husband and I are a bit bedraggled in the photos because it was 95 degrees! That is exclamation point worthy as due to proximity to the lake, Sister Bay rarely gets that warm, it typically hovers in the 70s with low humidity in the summer. But apparently that changes when I opt to host everyone I know at an outdoor event 😉

Please join me tomorrow when I join a Confessions link up…secrets abound 😉


5 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday: Hometowns

    1. Thank you! After one round of wedding dress shopping with my attendants, I was convinced that I had found ‘the dress’–it was huge and princessy and really blew my budget. I returned to the store to buy it and as I was getting out my check book, spotted this dress on clearance. It cost a fraction of the original dress and was much more appropriate for an outdoor wedding in a backyard.


  1. Sister Bay–how fun! My grandparents lived in Gills Rock when I was growing up. We loved Al Johnson’s, the beach in Sister Bay, and getting pizza and ice cream there as well. 🙂
    Also, part of the reason Ephraim got his name is Door County.


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