Wednesday is my day to bare my soul: confess my quirks, my crazy and my mom fails.

This picture knocks out two quirks. Fuzzy socks are my jam. I year them year round–the idea of sleeping barefoot throws me into a panic. Regular socks are mostly too uncomfortable. In a pinch I have worn my husband’s stretched out old cotton socks but that is only during an extreme laundry emergency. 

My other pictured quirk is my love of making the every day special with pretty things–I am drinking my evening tea out of a tea cup from my grandmother’s china. My china is in frequent rotation, definitely not hoarded   in anticipation of a special occasion. I have two sets of china and I use them all the time. 

So in a nutshell I enjoy being simultaneously comfortable and fancy 😉

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my TBT post. Spoiler alert: I *may* be unveiling my high school prom photos.


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