TBT: Prom

I thought I had more of my prom pictures scanned but they may be on a dead iPad. But maybe this partial pic is a good thing as it saves me the embarrassment of the poufy knee length skirt ( not flattering on someone who is 5’2″) and the rhinestone detailing on my pantyhose. 

But the main advice I have is if you have a year ahead of you in which you know you’ll be heavily photographed do not watch the movie Rosemary’s Baby and then inspired by Mia Farrow’s beauty immediately book yourself an appointment at a salon for a pixie cut (ignoring the fact you are not blessed with Mia’s bone structure). I was in high school from fall of 1987 until spring of 1991 so an era of huge hair and I had a long heavily teased perm for most of it. Except my junior year when I got the ill advised pixie which I was attempting to grow out in this picture. Junior year was the worst possible year for this catastrophic hair as of course there was prom and then a couple months later I had my senior pictures taken. 

So perhaps the scowl in this picture makes sense? 


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