Show us your life: an introduction

I am, gasp, posting twice today as I wanted to link up with Kelly’s Show us your life link up.

I blogged regularly about 10 years ago on a different site, but life became busy and I abandoned it. I resumed blogging about a year ago for two reasons. First of all I had my daughter and realized how quickly she changed and how many delicious moments there were and I felt compelled to document them. I of course have a baby book for her but that covers mostly the ‘big moments’. The blog is mostly the small stuff which is often the sweetest. Secondly I am a stay at home mother which is wonderful but also isolating so I hoped to connect with other women, especially mothers.

Life is funny. I am the happiest I have ever been even though I am living a life of all the hard and firm ‘nevers’ I espoused in my 20s and much of my 30s!

* I will never date someone with kids I mistakenly thought it would mean ‘baggage’, relationships are complicated enough, etc. Well, when I began dating my now husband he had a 7 year old and I am now so horrified by the allusion to baggage another ‘b’ word is apt for now stepson and that is ‘blessing’! He has taught me that biology has no bearing on love.

I will never live in the suburbs I have lived both in the city of Milwaukee and in the city of Chicago. I loved both experiences and it was wonderful being able to walk everywhere and to do most of my errands on foot. I am now a suburbanite and I love it–my particular suburb offers the best of both worlds. We have all the great stores Nordstrom, The Container Store, Whole Foods in close proximity. But we also have lots we can walk to including our church and three different playgrounds.

I will never own a mini-van Shh… Don’t tell my Chrystler Town & Country!!!!! 

As my list suggests it took me a bit longer than some to realize what I wanted my life to look like so I ended up getting married at 39, and had baby ( and mini-van acquisition at 41). I am now almost 43, my stepson is now almost 14 (he is not mentioned much on the blog as he is a teenager so I respect his privacy) and my daughter is 17 months old. 

Previously I have worn many different hats–have worked in sales and have also worked in restaurants as both a manager and at times as a server. My husband is an engineer but he shatters the stereotype as he is hilarious, outgoing and socially confident. Our lives our very much centered around our church which is conveniently less than 3 blocks from our home šŸ™‚ 

I can’t wait to ‘meet’ everyone! 


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