TBT: Grandmother

Tomorrow it will be the 10 year anniversary of my grandmother’s death–it doesn’t seem possible she has been gone that long as I carry her with me always and keep her so present in my mind. 

Grandma had been in poor health in the months leading up to her death so the end although surprising wasn’t a complete shock. We all wanted more time with her but that was outweighed by not wishing her to suffer any more pain. I will always remember the anniversary of Grandma’s passing from this life to the next one as it was the day before my birthday. At the time I was living in Chicago but all of my family lived in Wi. So on my birthday I journeyed to WI to gather with family and thus experienced my own ‘Sixteen Candles’ moment. No one remembered it was my birthday! I wasn’t expecting nor did I want a big celebration or any celebration really–was frankly too sad. But was blown away that it wasn’t even mentioned. Totally understandable given everyone’s grief so I wasn’t upset. 

Speaking of birthdays, a few years ago I asked my parents to scan old family photos for my birthday present. Am so glad I did! This one is if my grandmother on her very first day teaching at a 1 room school! That teaching job changed the course of her whole life as one of her older students invited her home to have dinner with his family ( as was the custom, each student invited the teacher to dinner during the school year). At the he dinner she met her student’s older brother who later became her husband and if course my grandfather:) 

Come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites 🙂


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