Weekend Recap: Birthday Edition

I had the best weekend! On Friday my parents arrived for a short visit. We had lunch and for dessert we had the birthday cake mom baked for me– hummingbird cake  which I hadn’t had in like forever which needed to be remedied as it is one of my absolute favorites. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is basically a spice cake that is loaded with bananas and pineapple which makes it very moist. It is frosted with a homemade cream cheese frosting and then topped with coconut. Unfortunately I neglected to take a pic before we dug in!

They also brought me some beautiful flowers and dad installed yet another radiator cover for me, this time in our kitchen. Installing the cover meant permanently removing our kitchen table which felt wonderful. Aesthetically I was never happy with the table–it was from the 1940s ( I think) and had shabby chic distressed mint colored chairs. Really not my style and we rarely ate at the table–in the summer it is cold as it is next to an air conditioner and in the winter it can be chilly as it was up against a northwest exposed window. Honestly it was mostly a catch all for junk! The new radiator cover doubles as a window seat so there is a place to perch and chat while cooking preparations take place,the room feels much more open and we’ll continue to eat in our dining room as we have always done 🙂 

Saturday was my birthday! I met my friend LJ for brunch . Bacon avocado quesadilla? Yes, please!

Saturday afternoon my husband got home from his out of town work trip and surprised me with a new lap top. Truly a surprise as we weren’t going to do gifts. My college roommate who is one of my dearest friends came over for dinner which meant lots of laughter and reminiscing! I can’t believe that in September we’ll have been friends for 25 years! We don’t see her nearly as often as we’d like but there is no one Julia warms up to more quickly. They adore each other!


Sunday was a BIG day as my stepson, Robert was confirmed. Was so proud of him, it has been wonderful watching his faith grow and develop this past year. We opted to have Julia in the sanctuary with us instead of the nursery which added a bit of stress. She wasn’t fussy ( despite the 3 molars she is cutting) but was full of happy exclamations which with the church acoustics, reverberated EVERYWHERE! Towards the end of the service, I hustled her back to the nursery. Everyone was so kind saying they didn’t mind her baby babbles but it was definitely disruptive. Next time we have a family event during church  I think she needs to stay in the nursery!

Sunday afternoon we all napped and then my husband hung our new curtains in our dining room.

When you are 43, things like curtains become a big deal 😉 

Hope everyone has a great week!


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