Show Us Your Life: DIY 

Let me preface this by saying I am so not a DIY-er! But I am a gatherer of ideas on Pinterest-er and luckily I have DIY-er family members who are game to implement those ideas 😉

    My house dates back to the 1920s and is full of charm and character. But it is also full of unsightly radiators! And much like snowflakes, no two radiators in my home are alike and are all different heights and widths. I have looked at covers online but at $400 + a piece it looked to be a pricey undertaking as we have nine radiators. So I enlisted the help of my handy father. The first one we ( okay he did) was in my daughter’s nursery. 

    Here is the before ( and yes I made baby get down as soon as pic was snapped!):


    Sorry I am new to blogging and this picture is stubborn and doesn’t want to rotate!

    Here is the after:

    My sweet mother made the cushion– I wanted the pop of pink to brighten up the dark sage colored walls. I plan to find some fun throw pillows for the bench sometime soon. Oh, and my dad wrote the sweetest message on the interior of the bench to my daughter that he hopes she has many nice afternoons reading on her window seat. 

    Please check back for upcoming link ups!



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