Let’s Talk:  Moms

I’m hoping the let’s talk link up about everything mom.

My mom has taught me more than anyone that love is truly a verb– it is nice to hear the words of course but more important is the action behind the sentiment. Mom always put my brother and I first-when we were small she worked for a big company and was invited to a lot of swanky events and almost always declined the invitations as evenings and weekends were her time with her family. ( before we were in school she stayed home with us) No matter how busy the season of her life was she made sure we didn’t simply have a house to live in but a ‘home’– clean, nicely decorated, a home cooked meal served at the table every night. She set limits for us which at the time didn’t always feel ‘fun’ but were exactly what we needed. Would I be as voracious a reader today had she not put such rigorous screen time limits on our TV? Probably not! 

She also led by example. Another reason I love reading is because my mom is ALWAYS reading! Any bravery I possess is directly a result of her influence. My mother has never been vocal about her fears– a blizzard hits? She drives home from work without complaint. A spider in the kitchen? She desposes of it without commentary. In the 43 years I have known my mom, I have never seen her afraid of anything tangible! She is such an example of being strong and capable. Through the life she led (and continues to lead) she showed the value of education and learning. It is one thing to say “school is important” it is quite another to back it up with lots of enrichment activities–educational vacations, outings to museums, symphonies, and the theater. Dining in ethnic restaurants. And as I keep mentioning: lots and lots of books!  My mom possesses such curiosity about the world and she definitely passed that along to me! She also made sure my brother and I were in lots of extracurricular activities from the time we were little–we were exposed to so many different things as well as learned all sorts of social skills. So I will belatedly thank my mom for making me stick with the dreaded day camp I hated when I was nine 😉

Watching my mother in her role as grandmother has given me indescribable joy. I am so happy that my daughter has this same wonderful example of womanhood that I was raised with, a true blessing!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my weekend recap! 


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