TBT: Thinner!

I definitely want my daughter to grow up with a healthy body image so I don’t make a big deal about my weight. But I also want her to grow up with a healthy, active mom. 

I gained close to 50 pounds with my pregnancy and 18 months later I still have to shed the remaining 15 pounds. 

Am posting some ‘thinspirational’ photos. The one in the black was taken 8 years ago when I was a size zero. Honestly I was a little too thin! The Christmas picture was taken right before I became pregnant. 

One thing is clear the weight is not going to magically shed as I have been stuck at this number for months. I work out regularly but realize I need to overhaul my diet. 

The diet begins tomorrow. I’ll post my results next week–maybe accountability will bolster my willpower!


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