Favorite Beauty Products

I’m joining up with the Show Us Your Life link up today to talk about my favorite beauty products.

New Mother Life Saver:

In the early days and weeks of my daughter’s life my time was consumed by meeting her basic needs. Which meant I was looking raggedy! This dry shampoo definitely helped my hair situation!

Favorite Drug Store Product:

This Illuminator rivals many of the  department store brands I have tried and of course at the fraction of the cost. Throw it in your cart the next time you’re in Target to grab a carton of ‘milk’– haha! 

Tragic Loss:

This is one of the favorite candids from our wedding ( I have no idea why on one of the happiest days of my life I was making that face and with our Pastor no less!). 

This is also the face that I made this morning when I realized my Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer has been discontinued. Yes there is a new comparable product in the line up but transitions are tough! 

I can’t wait to read everyone’s suggestions! I love finding new beauty products 🙂


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