Show And Tell Tuesday: Talk Show


Today I am linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesdays series. Today’s topic is so much fun: if I had my own own talk show, what would it be? 
Well, if we’re going to go deep into fantasy where ANYTHING is possible and why not as we’re already embracing the unlikely scenario of having a talk show… I would interview some of my ancestors. One of my great-grandmothers was in my life all too briefly ( she died when I was  10) but in all honesty she had been infirm for most of my memory of her and I was of course young so I never really got to know her in a meaningful way. Which is too bad because what I DO remember of her is that she had an incredible sense of serenity and peace about her which I’ve been told came from her deep abiding faith. That is so inspirational considering how difficult her life was, she had seven children during the Great Depression and her husband fell ill  with cancer and died while she was pregnant with their seventh child. So she was left a single mom during a terrible economic time but from what I have been told, she leaned hard on her faith. I would love to talk to her about her walk with Christ.

I would also love to ‘meet’ my maternal grandfather as he died when I was 18 months old and I have spent a lifetime wishing I’d known him.

But if we *have* to have interview subjects within the realm of possibility, ahem, living. I would interview Vince Vaughn. I think he just oozes charisma and humor. My husband watch all of his movies on PPV as they come out, even the most foolish. VV just makes us happy 🙂 

Have a great Tuesday!


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