Confessions: Julia Edition

Today I am linking up with Confessions Of A Northern Belle for her Wednesday Confessions series. I am also blatantly copying her this week by having my daughter ‘confess’.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? I hope so!!!


I confess I like to torment our dog.  If I’m being watched, I’ll theatrically pet her gently but if mommy or daddy look away, I quickly begin pulling ears, jowls and tail.

I confess I sometimes put a sippy cup full of milk in an end table drawer that mommy seldom a opens. 

I confess sometimes I reach down from my high chair and offer the dog a nibble of something that I’m eating and after the dog has a taste, pop the rest in my mouth. Mommy begins frantically shrieking yucky at both of us, am not sure what that is about.

I confess we were about to leave the house for an appointment when mommy realized I needed a diaper change. She was hurrying so as to not be late for her appointment which made her careless and I took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed my own poo with both hands and in the process dirtied my outfit. 

I confess I save my most daredevil moves: leaping off the coffee table, etc for the week of our studio portraits or in a pinch my pediatrician appointment so that I have maximum bumps, bruises and scratches.

Am glad I got that off my chest, time to nap with a clear conscience. Come visit mommy tomorrow for her TBT post–she is going to show the outfits from the 90s that she has inexplicably hung onto. 


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