TBT:  Deferred

I had grand intentions of photographing my most inexplicably saved garments that I have FINALLY set aside for donation. But it didn’t happen. 

So strange the things that have stayed with me– the one size fits all ( so ginormous) wool sweater that I bought at an import shop (the go to spot for all of your black light and tapestry needs) in the early 90s. Why do I still have this?!? No idea because even back in  ’93 I seldom wore it as it is ITCHY! Plus it is such a heavy sweater it is far too warm in most indoor settings (especially with the underneath protective layers necessary to combat the itch). Bottom line it was never a beloved item and yet it has moved with me at least nine times in the last 23 years and I probably haven’t worn it in the last 20! 

And the mini-skirts. I am 43 years old and a SAHM. Am not sure what situation I am stockpiling these size zero,  high waisted, a-line, fanny grazing mini-skirts for–perhaps one of my daughter’s play dates?!? 

Perhaps worst of all are the business suits from my first professional job. The job required a suit almost every day which was a huge initial expense for my then 23 year old self. So I bought lots of things from clearance racks of department stores and from the now defunct Casual Corner. I now possess a huge array of boxy, heavily shoulder padded, polyester suits in a disturbingly wide array of colors ( ahem,electric blue). My husband thought I should keep a couple but they are SO dated and honestly the year before my daughter was born I had a job that required dressing up and even on my lowest laundry days I was never tempted to put on one of my 90s suits! 

At any rate I have assembled a huge collection for our local Goodwill. And although I was fairly mercenary in my sorting, I *did* hold onto some deliciously questionable items. So perhaps there will be a follow up post at a later date with accompanying photos 🙂

Come see me tomorrow– I plan to post twice. Friday Favorites link up    and the Show Us Your Life link up (topic being cleaning and organizing tips). Have a great Thursday!


2 thoughts on “TBT:  Deferred

    1. Haha– I had lots of Kasper suits and I too had a lavender suit as well. I remember styling it with white hose–yuck! I think my worst outfit was a forest green suit with huge brass buttons. I looked like I was in a marching band!


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