Show Us Your Life: Cleaning

Today I’m linking up with Kelly for her Friday Show Us Your Life series. Today’s topic is cleaning and organizing. Sigh. This is one where I’m more eager to spectate than contribute! 

Okay, this is NOT my cleaning tip! My husband likes to give the dog the high chair tray which gives me the heebie heebies. Don’t worry it was subsequently sanitized!

With a dog and an 18 month old cleaning and organizing is a constant struggle. 

A couple small tips: I do a load of laundry every single day so it doesn’t build up. Likewise, I run off our dishwasher every single day even if it isn’t quite full– that way I don’t get to the ‘too full’ point where I have dishes in the sink very often.

This weekend I am in the midst of an organizing project in our kitchen– I’ll share the photos when we do the kitchen link up. Our home is a 1920s bungalow–tons of charm and character. But the trade off is we sometimes have to be creative with storage space–people lived differently in the 20s! There is a built-in ironing board in our kitchen in a cabinet– it is currently hidden behind a baker’s rack. This weekend the baker’s rack goes to the basement ( I was never fond of it) and the ironing board will be removed and replaced with shelves thus turning it into a much needed spice cabinet. 

I am so excited to read everyone’s tips and tricks! 



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